If you have someone you want to add to the prayer wall, please contact us with the name:

Karen A., Sandra A., Elizabeth Alano, Charles Anthony, Julie B., Keita Blinn, Edna Borge, Fred Breitenbach, Samantha Clark, Ron DeLong, Ed Dowling, Fatima, Mike G., Ray Gray, Travis Hardie, Kerri Herlich, Brianne Hernandez, Jack Hill, Rev. Carl Kearns, Diane Lee, Deb M., Mia, Lisa Mickel, Michael Millroy, Randy Oates, Mary Petruzzi, TSgt. Valerie Richardson, Lorraine Robinson, Jaclyn Sanderson, Manuel Sardiñas, Ron Sarlo, Kim Simmons, Franklin Smith, Kim Sperr, Gail Stearns, Charmaine Weisner.

                                     Prayer Wall

Here we post the names of those in need  and invite all members of the church to remember them in prayer.